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Monday, June 27, 2022
Case Study

How Huddle01 built the world’s first Web3 meeting app

Livepeer Studio Team
Livepeer Studio Team
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About Huddle01

Product: Web3-Native Video Meeting Solution
: India

Everyday millions of workers participate in virtual meetings, this continues to increase and is expected to reach 25% of all professional jobs in North America by the end of 2022. While the need for virtual meeting software is in high demand, it persistently under performs

Part of the problem with apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet comes from their use of centralized servers. Centralization causes bottlenecks that lead to latency issues, low resolution, outages, and privacy breaches.

Where some would feel resigned, others see opportunity. Such is the case of Susmit Lavania and Ayush Ranjan, who decided to create Huddle01, the first video conferencing solution built with decentralization, security, and performance in mind.

Empowering Web3 Video Conferences

Huddle01 was built to compete with any online meeting tool while also giving it a modern twist. Here are some of the main features Huddle01 has to offer:

  • Signup through the use of web3 wallets—no email address or phone number needed
  • Meeting recordings stored on IPFS—a peer-to-peer network for network for storing and sharing data
  • Token-gated meetings
  • Decentralized livestreaming using the Livepeer Studio API

Huddle01 is available on the App Store and the Google Play store and allows anyone to have a web3 virtual meeting experience. Web3 enthusiasts such as NFT Communities, DAOs, and web3 creators can enjoy web3 features such as rewarding creators with NFTs and crypto tipping during the sessions. Creators can also mint the stream as an NFT and send it to participants as soon as the stream is over.

Huddle01’s goal is to create a transparent and supportive environment where creators and fans can engage seamlessly over video from anywhere in the world.

Leveraging a Decentralized Livestreaming Network

When it comes to livestreaming, most video conferencing platforms struggle with latency. Whether there's network congestion or a company uses inefficient transcoding protocols, users have become accustomed to a poor video experience. Huddle01’s users communicate over video in real-time without any significant latency.

Huddle01 decided to use Livepeer Studio to serve its user base exclusively with web3-native features (some other tools they use include Moralis, Waku, and Biconomy). Livepeer Studio makes it easy to connect and stream video on the Livepeer network.

The entire transcoding process happens quickly and securely at a much lower cost than most traditional solutions like AWS and Azure. With a versatile number of codecs, resolutions, frame rates, and video players supported, Livepeer Studio was the most logical partner for Huddle01.

For a small company like Huddle01, Livepeer Studio was easy to set up and maintain. Creating a livestream, connecting it to encoding software like OBS, and recording it for playback is all included in the Livepeer Studio software.

If you are building a web3 application and are wondering how to implement livestreaming with Livepeer Studio, check out the following guides: