Livepeer Studio

Livepeer Studio
vs Cloudflare Stream

Livepeer Studio is a new approach to video infrastructure. Learn how its features and pricing compare to Cloudflare Stream.
Livepeer Studio
Cloudflare Stream
Transcoding (10k mins)
Storage (50k mins)
Delivery (500k mins)
$500$1212+140%$750 +50%
Based on a controlled-environment test
Expected Latency0.5 - 3s4s0.5 - 3s
Video Startup Time (TTFF)0.2s0.4s0.2s
Uptime SLA
Key features
Decentralized physical infrastructure network
Open source with self-host option
Embeddable player
Analytics API & Visualization
Available at additional cost
Transcoding API
Developer SDKs
In-browser Broadcasting
Access control
Video clipping
CaptionsComing soon!
Onchain features
Decentralized storage integrations
Token-gated video
Wallet-based engagement analytics
All feature and pricing information is sourced from available online information as of 7/28/2023.

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