Livepeer Studio


The Livepeer Studio API ingest endpoint references stream ingest data centers on the Livepeer network. In the JSON response, each data center region is three letters, the airport code of the server location.

Use /ingest to discover which ingest data center is closest. Ingest and playback URLs for each livestream session must be from the same region.

curl ""`

Use /ingest with ?first=false appended to discover all available ingest and playback URL pairs.

`curl ""`

200 OK

    ingest: "rtmp://<reg>",
    playback: "https://<reg>",
basestringBase URL for the playback URL.
ingeststringBase URL used to to configure the broadcast software. Pair it with a stream object streamKey.
playbackstringBase URL for HLS playback. Append a stream object playbackId to create the full playback URL.