Livepeer Studio

The multistream target object

The multistream target object is a single endpoint where a stream can be multistreamed to. Multistreaming is the act of pushing the media from the given stream while it is currently happening, also referred to as simulcast.

A multistream target object can be created pointing to a given URL (either RTMP, RTMPS or SRT) and then referenced from a stream object in order for the multistream to take place.

For more information about using them check the Multistream guide.

createdAtnumberTimestamp when the multistream target was created. Reported in Unix epoch time in milliseconds.
idstringUnique identifier for the multistream target.
userIdstringUnique identifier for the Livepeer Studio user account that created the multistream target object.
namestringAdditional identifier for the multistream target, often set to a human readable string. This identifier does not need to be unique and is generated from the URL host if not included.
urlstringEndpoint where to push stream media during multistream, must be an RTMP, RTMPS or SRT endpoint. Required during POST and omitted in any GET responses for security reasons.
disabledbooleanIf true, will disable multistreaming from any stream to this target. Can be used to quickly disable multistream to some endpoint without the need to update all streams that reference it or delete the multistream target object.