Livepeer Studio

Build a Video NFT app

Livepeer Studio provides a helpful JavaScript SDK for building Video NFT apps. You can use it from any part of your application stack, like your backend and/or your frontend. It includes utilities for:

  • Opening a file from your users device and uploading it to the API;

  • Interacting with the Livepeer VOD API, including requesting an upload URL, transcoding the video for an optimized NFT and exporting it to IPFS;

  • Minting the actual NFT on an Ethereum/EVM-compatible blockchain.

You can find the SDK on npm as @livepeer/video-nft and its detailed documentation on GitHub pages.

When building applications with the SDK, you might also find it useful to learn and make use of CORS-enabled API keys, in case you want to get started without a backend to talk with the API.

Note: If all you want is to mint individual Video NFTs but you're not building your own minting app, you might prefer to follow our Mint a Video NFT guide or just use the Mint NFT page in our dashboard.

The first application to use the SDK was the Video NFT CLI provided by the same npm package. Although it shares the project with the SDK, it is just a regular user of it like any other application. You can learn more how to use it in our Mint a Video NFT guide, and check its source code on GitHub.

Livepeer Studio also provides the Mint NFT page which uses this SDK. It complements the CLI in the sense of connecting to MetaMask to mint the file uploaded by the CLI, but it can also be used standalone by uploading the file directly on the UI as wel.

The source code is inside the code for our dashboard. It is built in React with next.js and you can check the code for the page on GitHub as well.

We are also building a specific sample app using the NFT SDK. Its source code can also be found on GitHub and it is currently being hosted on Vercel.