Livepeer Studio

We’re building the future of video.

We're comprised of team members dedicated to building affordable, scalable, reliable, and easy-to-use video developer tools.
Photo of Doug Petkanics

Doug Petkanics

Co-Founder, CEO
Photo of Eric Tang

Eric Tang

Co-Founder, CTO
Photo of Yondon Fu

Yondon Fu

Co-Founder, Director of Engineering
Photo of Philipp Angele

Philipp Angele

Director of Video Product
Photo of Eli Mallon

Eli Mallon

Director of Engineering
Photo of Adam Soffer

Adam Soffer

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Mark Blair

Mark Blair

Head of Revenue
Photo of Stef Weiss

Stef Weiss

Business Operations
Photo of Nick Huang

Nick Huang

Software Engineer
Photo of Paige Glowacky

Paige Glowacky

Product Manager
Photo of Victor Elias

Victor Elias

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Ivan Poleshchuk

Ivan Poleshchuk

Software Engineer
Photo of Meredith Tretiak

Meredith Tretiak

VP of Marketing
Photo of Shannon Wells

Shannon Wells

Head of Ecosystem
Photo of Shaykara Webster

Shaykara Webster

Head of People
Photo of Jaron Viëtor

Jaron Viëtor

VP of Engineering
Photo of Carina Keizer-van der Meer

Carina Keizer-van der Meer

Systems and Operations Manager
Photo of Ramkoemar Bhoera

Ramkoemar Bhoera

Software Engineer
Photo of Marco van Dijk

Marco van Dijk

Software Engineer
Photo of Balder Viëtor

Balder Viëtor

Head of Testing
Photo of Petya Katsarova

Petya Katsarova

Junior Front-End Engineer
Photo of Rafal Leszko

Rafal Leszko

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Hunter Hillman

Hunter Hillman

Senior Product Manager - Public Network
Photo of Gioele Cerati

Gioele Cerati

Full Stack Video Engineer
Photo of Alex Kordic

Alex Kordic

Senior Software Engineer - Video Transcoding
Photo of Quinten Hogeweg

Quinten Hogeweg

Senior Lead Project Manager
Photo of Stephen Gee

Stephen Gee

Senior Marketing Manager
Photo of Sarah Armstrong

Sarah Armstrong

VP of Operations
Photo of Robert Inoma

Robert Inoma

Investor Relations & Marketing Manager
Photo of Ben Morrell

Ben Morrell

Director of Revenue
Photo of Thom Shutt

Thom Shutt

Engineering Lead - Livepeer Core Software
Photo of Drake Bauer

Drake Bauer

Product Marketing Manager
Photo of Shih-Yu Hwang

Shih-Yu Hwang

Software Engineer
Photo of Daniela Passos

Daniela Passos

Social Media Manager
Photo of Evan Mullins

Evan Mullins

Senior Analytics Engineer
Photo of Alex Crisara

Alex Crisara

Technical Product Manager - Orchestrator Experience
Photo of Chase Adams

Chase Adams

Protocol Engineer
Photo of Redouane Lakrache

Redouane Lakrache

Protocol Engineer
Photo of Qiang Han

Qiang Han

VP of Engineering
Photo of Katri Oinonen

Katri Oinonen

Software Engineer
Photo of Emran Mahbub

Emran Mahbub

Staff Engineer, Video Transcoding
Photo of Melissa Groot

Melissa Groot

Office Manager (Leiden)
Photo of Lloyd Park

Lloyd Park

Content Marketing Manager
Photo of Claudio Carnino

Claudio Carnino

Full Stack Engineer
Photo of Aja Blanco

Aja Blanco

Ecosystem Coordinator
Photo of Eric Ross

Eric Ross

Community Manager
Photo of Isadora Sun

Isadora Sun

Ecosystem Growth Lead
Photo of Suhail Kakar

Suhail Kakar

Developer Advocate Engineer
Photo of Rodolfo Lima

Rodolfo Lima

Data Analyst
Photo of Vadym Drut

Vadym Drut

Product Designer
Photo of Max Holland

Max Holland

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Nicolas Verriere

Nicolas Verriere

Account Executive