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Use cases

Build video-enabled creator platforms

Whether building a music, fitness, education, eSports, or lifestyle app, Livepeer Studio helps your creators engage audiences and grow revenue through cost-effective video solutions.
Livepeer Studio - Creator Economy
Why Livepeer Studio

A complete video solution for creator platforms

Fully integratedThe Livepeer API simplifies complex video infrastructure workflows and provides developers with a unified, intuitive solution to meet all video application needs.
Easy-to-useExperience peak productivity with the Livepeer SDK. Designed for ease of use with the Livepeer API, it makes adding live, on-demand, and real-time video to creator platforms a breeze.
Self-sovereignCreators want full control and ownership over their video content. Livepeer's integration with decentralized storage protocols such as IPFS and Arweave allow creators to publish video content without fear of vendor lock-in.
ReliableCreators expect their apps to be available 24/7. Keep your application’s video streams flowing with the world’s most resilient and decentralized video infrastructure network.
AffordableThe Livepeer Network’s competitive marketplace of infrastructure providers allow creator economy applications to save 50 - 90% on video infrastructure costs.
ScalableDeliver video globally, rapidly, and at scale with a decentralized network of always on infrastructure providers.

Feature-rich video solutions

LiveAdd live video experiences to your creator platform with just few lines of code — affordably, at scale, and with no vendor lock-in.
On-demandEnhance your creator platform with on-demand video capabilities, thoughtfully designed for both long and short-form video experiences.
RealtimeSeamlessly integrate real-time video chat into your creator platform with just a few lines of code.
Access controlYour content, your choice: choose the precise conditions under which a viewer is allowed to access content. Pick subscription conditions, add a token-gating solution like Lit or Unlock Protocol, or roll your own custom logic.
Engagement AnalyticsWith just a few lines of code, you get access to watch time, and view counts, allowing creators to understand their audience and allowing you to understand your creators.
Health MetricsThe Livepeer API offers real-time performance and health metrics to help your team monitor and quickly assess the performance of live and on-demand streams across your platform.
Case Study

Growing Onchain Communities with Bonfire and Livepeer Studio

Bonfire lets creators design unique digital spaces to share exclusive content, host drops, and engage directly with their biggest fans.
ProblemA lack of control created by hosting third-party video content posed a serious issue. The Bonfire team needed to upgrade its platform so it could host content natively.
SolutionBy leveraging Livepeer's comprehensive open video API Bonfire was able to seamlessly offer native and custom video streaming experiences to its creators.
Livepeer is a critical piece of infrastructure in enabling our vision for the future, enabling us to offer critical content features like token-gated video and livestreams, while staying focused on our mission of empowering creators to build strong and enduring brands & communities on their own independent platform.
Matt Alston, Co-founder

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