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Create a live streaming platform for gamers
Our reliable and low cost API helps your gamers reach a larger audience by streaming the best video quality to viewers on mobile or desktop.
Why Livepeer Studio

A video API uniquely tailored to address the needs of today’s live streaming platforms for gamers.

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Easy-to-use APIOur API offers a simple integration that scales as you grow. By taking away the video infrastructure complexity, you can focus on building the right features for your gaming community.
High Quality TranscodingOur scalable streaming infrastructure always delivers the best quality of video for the situation, allowing you to reach more devices with better viewer experience.
Low costOur simple and flexible API delivers high reliability at low cost, so you can focus on building a sustainable business as you scale up without worrying about the streaming cost.
AI-powered content moderationAutomatically detect copyrighted content or adult content to protect your platform and your users from abuse.
Case Study partners with to save on transcoding costs is a Web3-enabled streaming platform for gamers and independent creators powered by the Hive blockchain.
ProblemIn order to handle the amount of concurrent streams their app would require, the Vimm team needed a transcoding provider that was both powerful and cost-efficient. Vimm struggled trying to find reasonably priced and stable ingest servers. Traditional cloud providers such as AWS were all too expensive.
SolutionVimm was able to use's cost disruptive transcoding service and easy-to-use developer API to offer its gamers the highest quality streams.Read the full story
Offering transcoding, CDN, and a network of ingest servers, all bundled under one package, was a strong selling point for When we played with the pricing calculator we realized this is way lower than anything we can get anywhere else.
Ryan Juel, Chief Operating Officer

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Join the next-gen, creator-owned video ecosystem. From “decentralized YouTube” to video NFT marketplaces, Livepeer Studio empowers developers to build video-enabled applications that give creators total control over their content with no middlemen.

Why Livepeer Studio

Livepeer Studio is a powerful suite of web3 tools that make it easy for builders to create new video experiences and access the decentralized Livepeer network. More than a product, Livepeer Studio is a growing community of web3 developers and creators creating the future of web3 video.

Why Livepeer

Livepeer is the world's open video infrastructure. Founded in 2017, Livepeer provides cost efficient, secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure that can handle today's high demand for video processing. Livepeer's decentralized network includes over 70,000 GPUs and currently processes millions of minutes a week.