High-Quality Video, Low Operational Cost

Livepeer Studio simplifies the live video streaming process through a singular workflow enabling global live and on demand streaming with same performance as traditional cloud services without the cost.

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API-first Approach
Integrated RTS & Low-Latency Streaming
80% Cheaper

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An open video stack
Designed for flexibility

Sub-second Latency

Engage viewers in real-time without delays.

Low Rebuffer Rate

Keep your audience captivated with smooth streaming and minimal buffering disruptions.

Global Scalability

Effortlessly manage spikes in global viewership with our robust infrastructure.

Transformative Pricing

Experience the flexibility of custom pricing that scales with your growth.

Dynamic Transcoding

Optimize streaming costs with intelligent transcoding that adjusts in real-time to viewer demand.

Developer-Friendly Tooling

Simplify the development process with our comprehensive SDKs and easy-to-integrate tools.

Low Time-To-First-Frame (TTFF)

Deliver content swiftly enabling rapid transitions between streams without delays.

Interactive Ready

With key partners and flexible APIs your live streams are ready to be leveled up with interactive solutions like betting, gaming, chat, shopping and more.

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