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Drive business success with our developer-friendly technology. Our powerful and reliable solution guarantees performance and reduces operational costs.

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Unlock Innovation with Our
Next-Generation APIs

Experience the flexibility of our technology as standalone products or an integrated solution for exceptional performance. Harness the world's most advanced open video infrastructure to future-proof your business.

Increase Engagement
with Live Streaming

Embrace real-time delivery, rapid start times, and low re-buffering rates. Our scalable solution ensures global coverage and next-generation interactive viewing experiences, offering up to 80% cost savings.

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Ensure integrity
for video on demand

Technology that seamlessly integrates into your workflows, utilizing our distributed network, AI tools, and content integrity features to enhance your business.

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Optimize Workflows
with Transcode API

Utilize our SDKs to efficiently transcode your video content, supporting a wide range of codecs including AV1. Benefit from high-quality performance and reliability in your operations.

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An open video stack designed for flexibility

Global Live Streaming

Live streaming technology that supports both WebRTC & HLS, ensuring real-time and low-latency delivery.

API-Based Transcoding

Transcoding that scales with your business, offering globally accessible, API-driven capabilities for scalability.

AI Ready Innovation

Adapt and evolve with tech that transforms audience engagement, content intelligence and fraud protection.

Open Sourced

Our open-source ethos, empowers you to build upon, modify, and integrate our technology into your services.

Architected for Affordability

Decentralized architecture combats exorbitant vendor fees, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and innovation.

Partner, Not a Vendor

With us, every pixel of your video content represents quality and reflects our shared commitment to excellence.

Success Reimagined: The Livepeer Studio Advantage

Redefine the way you deliver content to your audience with cutting-edge solutions.

Customer success stories


Fishtank Live is a 24/7 reality show featuring contestants living together for six weeks, offering audience interaction and payment for pranks on contestants. Livepeer Studio was chosen for its dependable streaming capabilities, enabling instant channel switching and access control. Through Livepeer Studio's support, Fishtank Live saved over 55% in streaming costs while exploring creative revenue sources like the FishBNB program, transforming into a platform with a dedicated fanbase across the globe.

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2 Weeks

Time To Launch


Viewers In 75+ Countries


Cost Savings


Switchboard, a B2B company providing live stream management services, sought to upgrade its outdated technology to meet the demands of its diverse customer base. Livepeer Studio enabled Switchboard to enhance its platform's capabilities, improve reliability and scalability, and provide accurate tracking and reporting for customers, ultimately optimizing resource allocation and focusing on business priorities.

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Person hours
Required for Migration


Streamed per Week


Success Rate


Minds, an open-source social network focused on free speech, sought Livepeer Studio's assistance in implementing live streaming, its top-requested feature. Livepeer Studio collaborated with Minds to develop and deploy live streaming capabilities, addressing challenges such as resource allocation and user engagement. The partnership resulted in a successful rollout of live streaming on Minds, enhancing user experience and aligning with the platform's commitment to authenticity and engagement.

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2 Weeks

Time To Launch


rebuffer rate


Cost Savings