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Core Benefits For Unmatched Performance

Discover the advantages that make Live Streaming with Livepeer Studio the premier choice for your live content requirements.

Sub-second Latency

Ensure real-time engagement and seamless interactions, offering near-instantaneous start times and high quality.

Low rebuffer rate

Keep your audience engaged with minimal interruptions, ensuring smooth viewing experiences for everyone.

Global Scalability

Effortlessly handle global viewership and traffic spikes, enabling high quality low-latency video delivery worldwide.

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Unlock More Possibilities

Explore the additional features that boost the functionality and value of our Low Latency Live Streaming product.

Live to VOD

Seamlessly convert live streams to Video on Demand. Features like clipping and recording offer comprehensive, cost-effective content delivery.

Syndication of Live Streams

Expand your reach by syndicating live streams to social media and FAST platforms for broader audience engagement.

Developer-Friendly Tooling

Minimize development overhead with our SDKs and tools, designed to simplify the creation and management of your streams.

Low Time-To-First-Frame (TTFF)

Ensure swift interactions and dynamic user engagement with rapid switching between streams and angles, without delay.

Transformative Pricing

Experience flexibility and affordability with custom pricing that adjusts as your venture expands. Enjoy dynamic transcoding to optimize costs effectively.

Comprehensive Analytics

Gain insights from real-time and historical data, optimizing viewer engagement and performance.

Success Reimagined: The Livepeer Studio Advantage

Redefine the way you deliver content to your audience with cutting-edge solutions.


Fishtank Live is a 24/7 reality show featuring contestants living together for six weeks, offering audience interaction and payment for pranks on contestants. Livepeer Studio was chosen for its dependable streaming capabilities, enabling instant channel switching and access control. Through Livepeer Studio's support, Fishtank Live saved over 55% in streaming costs while exploring creative revenue sources like the FishBNB program, transforming into a platform with a dedicated fanbase across the globe.

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2 Weeks

Time To Launch


Viewers In 75+ Countries


Cost Savings


Switchboard, a B2B company providing live stream management services, sought to upgrade its outdated technology to meet the demands of its diverse customer base. Livepeer Studio enabled Switchboard to enhance its platform's capabilities, improve reliability and scalability, and provide accurate tracking and reporting for customers, ultimately optimizing resource allocation and focusing on business priorities.

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Person hours
Required for Migration


Streamed per Week


Success Rate


Minds, an open-source social network focused on free speech, sought Livepeer Studio's assistance in implementing live streaming, its top-requested feature. Livepeer Studio collaborated with Minds to develop and deploy live streaming capabilities, addressing challenges such as resource allocation and user engagement. The partnership resulted in a successful rollout of live streaming on Minds, enhancing user experience and aligning with the platform's commitment to authenticity and engagement.

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2 Weeks

Time To Launch


rebuffer rate


Cost Savings