Livepeer Studio


Build custom on-demand video experiences into your product fast, and without worrying about the cost.

Deliver high-quality on-demand video experiences — affordably, at scale, and with no vendor lock-in.

Upload any common video formatThe Livepeer Network ensures standardization for seamless playback on any device or connection.
Ensure high-quality, optimized streamingLivepeer generates multiple video resolutions ensuring an optimized streaming experience based on the user's device and available bandwidth.
Understand your audienceLeveraging real-time engagement metrics such as view counts and watch time.
Optimize the viewer experienceMonitor and optimize the viewer experience with performance metrics such as error rate, time to first frame, and more.
Best in-class developer experience

Developer-centric to get started fast

A single integration and extensive documentation mean faster time to market, less maintenance of legacy systems, and more focus on customer and product experiences.
Multi-language SDK SupportFrom Typescript to Go, our Livepeer SDKs cater to all. Build on-demand apps in your preferred code.
Customizable PlayerThe Livepeer Player offers best-in-class customizability and developer ergonomics for on-demand video playback.
WebhooksListen for events on your Livepeer Studio account so your integration can automatically trigger reactions.
Embeddable UI ComponentsErgonomic React and React Native components to simplify the development of on-demand video app experiences.

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