April 26, 2024


Minds Finds Livepeer Studio to be the Perfect Tech Partner for Live Streaming

Minds is an open source social network dedicated to freedom of speech. In 2023, Minds reached out to Livepeer Studio for help with building its #1 requested feature - live streaming. Livepeer Studio worked with Minds to develop live streaming offerings for the Minds target customer base.

🧩 The Challenge

Setting up and maintaining a live streaming platform requires investment on the part of the company, whereas customers expect the service for free. Deciding how to spend resources is a delicate balance. Another challenge is using the technology to increase user engagement, which is more important than just growing the number of followers.

💡 The Solution

Minds found that Livepeer Studio was willing to develop the technology to solve its challenges. Livepeer Studio was able to develop and rollout the technology in record time, a testament to Livepeer Studio's developer experience. Livepeer Studio has given Minds users the platform to livestream video posts within the Minds social communities. Minds creators can now share real-time video content in an intimate, loosely moderated space that feels safe. Livepeer Studio also enabled access keys, so that users can control who views their videos.

📊 Results

The use of Livepeer Studio's video streaming platform was a next-level enhancement for the Minds social network. By providing world-class live streaming capabilities, Livepeer Studio caters to Minds' target audience of users who expect to see live video in social posts. The upgrade in technology fits right into Minds's open source social media platform and further empowers Minds creators to post content that is authentic and engaging.

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