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Enable near real-time live streaming with Livepeer Studio, a high performance video streaming platform with up to 90% cost savings.*
(*compared to traditional video development platforms)
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Why Livepeer Studio

A better way for developers to stream video

ScalableLivepeer Studio harnesses the power of the Livepeer Network, drawing a global network of providers to process and deliver video and enabling near-infinite scalability.
Save up to 90% on costs with streamlined pricing that takes advantage of the Livepeer Network's open marketplace of infrastructure providers representing access to 70k+ GPUs.
Easy-to-useThe Livepeer API untangles the intricate web of video infrastructure workflows, offering developers one unified and intuitive API that can fulfill all video application requirements.
ReliableAn always-on, incentivized network and intelligent distribution keeps your application’s video streams flowing 24/7.
PerformanceDeliver high-quality video at astonishing speeds by leveraging the Livepeer Network's highly competitive infrastructure providers.
OpenLivepeer Studio runs on open source software. Tap into a worldwide network of Livepeer experts committed to driving value and solutions.
One API for all your video workflows
Build live video experiences with just a few lines of code.
10x viewer engagement through realtime live streamingBuild rich interactive live streaming experiences, enabled by sub 1-second latency and near-perfect uptime.
Go live effortlessly from any sourceStream seamlessly from mobile apps, open broadcast software, or a web browser, and protect your streams with flexible playback policies.
Get real-time metrics and analytics on your viewershipSee performance data to understand audience demographics, engagement and improve your viewers’ experience.
Reach a global audience through auto scalingEnable high performance geographic coverage at a global scale, without managing any infrastructure.

Powered by the Livepeer Network

Livepeer Studio doesn't use traditional cloud infrastructure, and it doesn't own or operate any GPUs. Instead, it's built on the Livepeer Network, an open and distributed global network that enables superior cost, performance, and reliability.

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