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May 13, 2024

Elevating Interactivity: PubNub and Livepeer Studio Join Forces

Today marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of live streaming technology. We're excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between PubNub, the leading platform for building, managing, and optimizing real-time apps, and Livepeer Studio, an innovator in the realm of live streaming platforms. This alliance is set to redefine interactive video experiences, making them more accessible and engaging than ever before. To learn more make sure you sign up for a demo today and register for our joint technical workshop to get an in-depth look at how Livepeer Studio and PubNub can empower you to create immersive experiences that captivate and engage.

The Genesis of Our Collaboration

At Livepeer Studio, our mission has always been to democratize live streaming technology, making it simple and cost-effective for developers and content creators across the globe. PubNub’s robust Chat SDK caught our attention as a perfect complement to our live streaming service, along with their ability to enable a wide variety of interactive real-time experiences alongside video. 

The essence of our partnership is built on joint go-to-market efforts, combining the strengths of PubNub's chat capabilities with Livepeer Studio's real-time live streaming product. Our collaboration is about more than just integrating technologies; it's about creating a synergy that empowers creators and developers to build interactive and engaging real-time experiences that were previously deemed complex and prohibitively expensive.

Unveiling New Frontiers

For Livepeer Studio, this partnership opens doors to PubNub’s extensive developer base, providing an unparalleled opportunity for visibility and growth. Furthermore, integrating PubNub's chat functionality into our platform enriches the live streaming experience, enabling creators to foster a deeper connection with their audience through interactive social engagement. Broader examples of using PubNub alongside live streaming capability from Livepeer Studio include:

  • Sports, Media & Entertainment: Maximize audience participation by adding features like co-viewing rooms, lobby counts, audience reactions, time-critical alerts/notifications, live stats, real-time polls, and full-featured chat.
  • Retail / Livestream Shopping: Better engage customers by adding features like live pricing/inventory, auctions, time-sensitive alerts/notifications, full-featured chat, and shipment/order tracking. 
  • Social: Maximize social engagement by adding features like on/offline status, real-time geo and interest-based matching, chat, time-sensitive alerts/notifications, and gamification.
  • Education: Better enable virtual and hybrid e-learning experiences using features like on/offline detection, teacher-controlled lobbies, hand-raises, time-critical alerts/notifications, and full-featured chat

There’s a wide range of possibilities for using PubNub technology to help eliminate social toxicity through user and content moderation, which, for many streaming applications, is the #1 reason for churn. PubNub even offers a stand-alone decisioning and analytics product called Illuminate, which adds powerful capability alongside live streaming. It empowers product managers – including non-technical – with a low/no-code way to instantly detect and act on real-time behavioral metrics (plus other data points) on the fly, with actual time monitoring of impact.  You can use it to improve engagement, monetization, and retention metrics when it matters most – in real time.

In partnership, Livepeer Studio and PubNub will help creators shorten development time, simplify the development process, reduce operational overhead, and ultimately build and deliver engaging interactive live and on-demand video experiences. You’ll further be able to improve key measures like engagement, monetization and retention.

Redefining Interactive Live Streaming

Interactive live streaming is at the cusp of a revolution. Traditional hurdles of complexity and cost are now things of the past. This partnership is poised to unlock a realm of possibilities for industries eager to engage with their audiences in real time. Whether it’s interactive gaming, live commerce, sports streaming, or virtual events, the applications are limitless.

If you’re a developer, content creator, or tech innovator ready to explore the frontiers of live streaming interactivity, we invite you to sign up for a demo today and register for our joint technical workshop to get an in-depth look at how Livepeer Studio and PubNub can empower you to create immersive experiences that captivate and engage.

Together, we're not just navigating uncharted waters; we're setting a new course toward the future of interactive video. Join us on this thrilling voyage.

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