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July 14, 2024



Fishtank Hits One Million Viewers and $3 Million Revenues Powered by Livepeer Studio

Removing the huge cost of major cloud providers enables Fishtank to rapidly grow its live reality and interactive streaming audience.

New York, NY, July 2, 2024 - Fishtank (https://fishtank.live), an interactive streaming platform and 24/7 social experiment, marks one million viewers and $3 million in revenues using Livepeer Studio to deliver a live reality TV show backed by audience interactivity.

The latest season, just launched, brings back a selection of previous stars to participate in a 6-week “Vampire Bloodgames” live action role playing game. Fans have the opportunity to pay to  interact with the show, including AI-powered Text-to-Speech (TTS) messages broadcast through speakers throughout the venue, playing pranks or buying gifts aka “Fishtoys” for the participants. Two previous seasons have each achieved over 100 million viewing minutes, with over 85,000 fans taking the opportunity to pay to shape the direction of the show.

Livepeer Studio is an API-first video platform that enables Fishtank to build a unique interactive live streaming experience with monetization built-in. Livepeer makes high-quality streaming affordable and scalable by enabling video streamers to sidestep the high costs associated with traditional cloud video infrastructure. This is achieved by tapping into decentralized computing and data center resources, enabling high quality, reliable, low latency video at a fraction of the cost.

Fishtank Director Jet Neptune calls Bloodgames “a real life RPG game hosted in the great outdoors.”

Fishtank CIO Bill Ottman commented, "Moving our 24/7 live reality show and interactive streaming platform to Livepeer made sense because of the improved quality, cost, support and developer tools with open source software. We look forward to building more together.”

Livepeer Studio is built around open source technology that requires zero capital expenditure on streaming network equipment. This means that users can  accelerate time to market, reduce operational costs and experiment with innovative shows and routes to audience engagement.

Eric Tang, Founder of Livepeer Studio, said, “Trail blazing content creators need all the help they can get to launch and experiment without taking massive financial risks. Fishtank is building fantastic momentum because, unlike most advertising models, the real-time interactivity contributes to monetization, while making the content more engaging at the same time. It’s a great example of how shows can think about building powerful interactive engagement with fans.”

About Livepeer Studio

Livepeer Studio is at the forefront of next-generation video streaming, leveraging decentralized blockchain technology to significantly reduce the cost of developing and delivering high-quality streaming video. Built upon the robust foundation of the Livepeer Network, Livepeer Studio harnesses a unique, globally available infrastructure to deliver unparalleled video streaming quality and efficiency.

With an API-first, open-source platform, Livepeer Studio empowers content creators, media and entertainment, sports and enterprise companies to easily and cost-effectively explore the full potential of video streaming, making high-quality streaming accessible to all. Embrace the future with Livepeer Studio, where advanced technology and operational efficiency converge to redefine video streaming.

For more information, visit www.livepeer.studio

To learn more about the Livepeer Network, visit https://livepeer.org

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