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April 29, 2024

How Livepeer Studio Enables the Next Generation of Video Streaming

Video streaming is one of the most influential and fast paced industries of our time..When researchers designed the Internet in the 1960s as a tool for information sharing within the research community, they did not consider it may become the backbone of the future of television and video consumption.  This transformation from a simple information-sharing platform to the central hub of global entertainment and communication required tremendous technical iteration and innovation. 

Many companies have worked within the constraints of existing internet technologies to enable reliable video streaming on the Internet, but still,  only a fraction of global audiences can watch streaming video because of technical limitations. With the expected surge in internet-enabled content consumption against today’s uncertain economy, innovators and platforms need better, faster, and more cost-effective solutions. We created Livepeer Studio to address this challenge. 

A Cutting-edge Strategy for the Video Industry

Legacy video streaming models have long been a burden to many streaming service providers and creators  due to their complexity, high costs, and reliance on singular vendors.

Today’s high infrastructure costs have created a daunting hurdle for emerging video startups. These companies often experience a period of rapid growth in user count, only to be confronted with exorbitant streaming bills long before they have the chance to establish a sustainable business model. This financial strain forces video-enabled businesses into tough positions, having to monetize through less desirable means such as selling user data, inundating use experience with advertisements, or shutting down.

However, the demand for video streaming services remains steady and skyrocketing, driven by technological advancements such as 4K video, ultra-HD, VR streaming, and the significant trend of cord-cutting shifting broadcast content to online platforms. This increasing demand places an even greater strain on an already burdened infrastructure, highlighting the urgent need for innovation and evolution in how video streaming is powered and delivered.

Livepeer Studio's approach is a disruption that promises to dismantle the barriers to entry. Using an open source marketplace-based approach that forms a robust infrastructure from the ground up,, we've developed an API-first streaming infrastructure to enable companies to build their video business without the burden of cost and operational complexity. Our solutions help our customers focus on their core business needs while guaranteeing the highest quality, scalability, and efficiency.

This innovative framework enables real-time live streaming and on-demand streaming with 80% in cost savings and no compromise in quality. It is built to democratize video streaming for businesses worldwide.

Livepeer Studio’s Promise to Revolutionize Video Streaming

Livepeer Studio’s commitment extends beyond providing superior-quality video services that maximize value and minimize business costs; we also commit to be a partner to achieve business success through the following core values: 

  • Innovative: We're constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible to ensure our partners can access the latest video streaming technology, including real-time streaming and content authenticity based protection against AI video manipulation.
  • Performant: Our platform is built to deliver content at scale and without compromise, because we understand that every second counts in the world of video streaming.
  • Efficient: We constantly optimize every aspect of our technology, reducing the complexity and cost for our customers to run a more efficient video-enabled business.
  • Simple: We empower our customers to focus on creating and delivering content without getting bogged down by the technicalities of video streaming.  Our API-first approach allows your teams the flexibility to implement Livepeer Studio into your workflows and not ours.

Empowering Innovation with Technical Prowess

In addition to the revolutionary infrastructure, Livepeer Studio boasts a team of dedicated video software engineering professionals who adhere to strong principles in distributed systems. Our team has worked for years developing against the constraints of legacy video platforms, which is why we are so passionate about rearchitecting it from the ground up.

The result has been the development of a robust video tech stack, combined with all the data, tooling, and core streaming capabilities that comes from deep industry expertise. Whether it’s real-time live streaming, video on-demand with content authenticity, or transcoding at scale, we always bring something unique that gives our clients a leg up over their competition. 

Our ambitious approach is rooted in our conviction that the future of video-enabled businesses will rely heavily on key components such as live streaming, AI integration, and cost-effective solutions. In today’s fast-paced environment, Livepeer Studio’s technical solution grows with our customers as they scale and evolve.

Our Promise to You

At Livepeer Studio, we promise to be more than just a vendor. We are your partner in driving video excellence, offering API-first, open-source, cost-effective solutions that scale with your needs. Our platform is designed to optimize the impact of your live and on-demand video content, enabling you to focus on innovation while we handle the tech. We are committed to helping businesses to grow, innovate, and excel in today's competitive digital landscape.

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