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May 8, 2024

The Future of Interactive Streaming: A Practical Conversation with Livepeer Studio’s Co-founder‍

In the field of real-time interactive streaming, Livepeer Studio distinguishes itself through its use of blockchain and WebRTC to streamline the landscape, creating a niche where high-quality streaming aligns with affordability. The platform offers an open-source, API-centric solution for developers needing reliable video streaming services.

Last month co-founder Eric Tang sat down with Mark Donnigan to discuss the future of interactive streaming. The discussion emphasizes Livepeer Studio’s role not just as another streaming service but as a transformative shift towards a new cloud architecture. By decentralizing infrastructure, Livepeer Studio introduces a marketplace dynamic, similar to an 'Airbnb for computers' but focused exclusively on video streaming. This approach reduces reliance on traditional cloud services and improves efficiency.

Real-time Interaction and Engagement

"Real-time interactive streaming is about delivering video with as low latency as possible... We achieve sub-500 millisecond latency, suitable for up to 100,000 concurrent viewers per stream." - Eric Tang

Streaming is no longer just about passive viewing; it's about engaging actively with the content. Whether it’s fans interacting during a live concert or viewers influencing the events of a reality show in real time, Livepeer Studio enhances user engagement by facilitating a more immersive experience.

Web3, Trust, and Ownership

"Blockchain technology promises transparent payment to network participants and offers them a stake in ownership." - Eric Tang

The adoption of Web3 and blockchain technologies extends beyond tech enthusiasts to anyone who prioritizes transparency and equity. Livepeer Network’s use of these technologies is a testament to its forward-thinking approach, setting the stage for a future where users are genuine stakeholders in the content they engage with. 

The Future of Streaming Technology

"The industry is shifting towards more experiential interactions where we capitalize on the bidirectional capabilities of the internet." - Eric Tang

The evolution of streaming technology is reshaping how we connect with content, turning passive consumption into a dynamic interaction without the cost. Livepeer Studio is at the forefront of this transformation, pushing the boundaries of how content can foster genuine connections.


Livepeer Studio is steering the digital narrative towards a future where the integration of technology and user-centric models enhances content creation and consumption. The platform’s commitment to cost-effective and interactive streaming solutions suggests a future rich with opportunities for deeper audience engagement. For businesses and individuals yet to consider Livepeer Studio, now is the time to explore how its innovative approach to streaming might revolutionize your digital strategy.

Watch the full conversation below.

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